[my stairs are trying to kill me]

My stairs are trying to kill me.

I’ve fallen down them twice already and I’m sure the third time is going to take me out. Okay, granted maybe I shouldn’t have tried to go down an obnoxiously steep set of stairs in the dark while balancing my laptop with one of my feet completely asleep. But I really wanted tea and that’s not the point. The point is that my stairs have it in for me so ya’ll better enjoy these blog posts while you got em because you never know when you might lose me to my manic staircase.

I’m starting a blog because Tim (The Boyfriend, for those of you who are really behind) started one and it seemed like a good way to keep the loved ones up to date on my life. I’m also just a bit of a copycat.

I feel like I should start with a cast list:

  • I – Maia
  • The Roommates -Kelsi, Katie, Helena, and Emily
  • The Boyfriend/Personal Shopper – Tim
  • The Mentor – Stace
  • The Alaskan Friend – Laura
  • New Friends – Ruby, John, Daina, Vanessa
  • Pete – Pete

ACT 1: The First Three Weeks  This Past Week This Weekend

This summer finds me in Cape Cod, a stones throw from Martha’s Vinyard in a seaside village called Woods Hole. At least half of the community is made up of scientists. I went to the Fourth of July parade yesterday and it was the most eclectic procession I’ve ever seen. Leading the way was a cop on a motorcycle followed by a conglomeration of dogs and kids on bikes mishmashed with (among other things): a cardboard laser complete with people dressed as laser beams, a group with wings chanting “we love parasites, we love mosquitoes”, a gay pride posse, a folk dancing group, the library promoters, a seven person eel reminiscent of a Chinese dragon, and a demonstration by dance of fertilization with the sperm holding hands and circling around the eggs.

Best parade ever. I even got a now n’ later.

The parade followed the one main road in town and The Roommates, The Alaskan Friend, The Boyfriend, and I sat on the steps of my work to watch it. My building is called Redfield, is covered with ivy, and sits a block away from my summer home, The Bowen House. I love how close it is to everything because it means I only need to leave 45 seconds before I want to be at work and it makes it easy to have people over. Laura came Friday night to make tacos, after The Friday Night Lecture* Tim and I’s New Friends, Ruby and John, made peanut butter cookies with us, and quite a few folks joined in on brunch after the parade yesterday.

Needless to say, I’ve had lots of tasty food this weekend. Actually, I’ve been eating tasty food in general since Tim came into the picture. He’s been buying all of my groceries in Town for me (Falmouth is a 4 or 5 mile bike ride away which has the closest grocery store that isn’t crazily overpriced) and delivering them to my fridge/tummy. Thanks Tim! Without you I would be living on potato chips and oreos…oh wait…

I think I’ll keep this short and close out now with a list of things that are unrelated except that they have occurred since getting here and then maybe I’ll be good and keep updating this puppy. Speaking of puppies, feel free to send me one. Everyone at WHOI brings their dogs to work. It’s great.

  • played several rounds of tennis with The Boyfriend and The Roommates
  • got a bike from The Mentor
  • ate way too many cookies from Pie in the Sky (the go to bakery/coffee shop almost in sight of my house)
  • watched fireworks on the beach
  • went swimming in an ocean that isn’t outrageously freezing
  • cheered on the Biology Department softball team (every department and the post office has a softball team apparently)
  • made enchiladas
  • saw my first horseshoe crab AND my first baby horseshoe crab
  • joined the Woods Hole Cantata Consort – a community choir that only meets over the summer
  • registered for a library card and read Lynsey Addario’s memoir “Its what I do”. Amazing. Read it.
  • made friends with The Mentor’s burmese mountain dog, Chester, who comes into work once a week
  • sorted my first two samples! (I’m studying microinvertebrates from the water column above hydrothermal vents)
  • listened to endless amounts of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Freakanomics podcasts whilst sorting said samples — if you have any podcast suggestions, please suggest away
  • went to a bike co-op (this is where I made friends with The Alaskan Friend)
  • played my first game of slap cup
  • lost power three times and watched two stellar storms
  • broke my microwave on the third day…sorry roomies
  • had proper tea made for me by my proper english roommate, Helena – she says our tea is weak but not to worry because her mom is sending her some of the good stuff soon. Thank heavens.

Lots of love from the Cape and if anyone happens to be nearby this summer, feel free to stop in. Also, I’ll be in DC the last week of July so there is that as well.



*The Friday Night Lectures are a series put on by MBL (another sciency institute here, Marine Biological Laboratories) that brings in people that have done interesting research to talk about it in an interesting way. Last week was on Parkinson’s disease and this week was about suspended animation. Then they give you free wine and cheese and chex mix afterword – win.


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